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Hi, there! How can I submit an audio story (mp3 format)?

Great question! The first task you’ll need to complete is to make a digital recording of your audio using your computer, tablet or smartphone. I use the free open source application Audacity on my notebook computer. Save your recording in mp3 format.

Next you need to decide whether you want to upload your mp3 file directly to Tumblr or use a third party host such as SoundCloud or YouTube. If you choose Tumblr, just be aware that your mp3 must be less than 10MB. I believe that Tumblr also limits you to one audio post per day using their service. Those are just two of the reasons that I use SoundCloud instead. You’ll need to create a free account and upload your mp3 file there instead. Then you can embed your SoundCloud post in a Tumblr audio post.

After you’ve posted your audio on your blog, just drop a link to it in the Library Ask box. Alternatively, you can drop a direct link to your SoundCloud post.

Thank you for your interest in submitting your audio story to the Library, and thank you for supporting the Library. I look forward to hearing your story.



A Crouching Tigress
I recently “discovered” this next writer after he or she (they?) started following my primary tumblr. Not much is offered about the blogger directly on this tumblr, but the words given to the oh so sensual images are breathtaking.
Stepping onto the Library dais for the very first time, please welcome…

EROTIC HAIKU (#167) See all here.
A crouching Tigress
Finds hidden dragon alley
Breathes viscous white pearls

A Crouching Tigress

I recently “discovered” this next writer after he or she (they?) started following my primary tumblr. Not much is offered about the blogger directly on this tumblr, but the words given to the oh so sensual images are breathtaking.

Stepping onto the Library dais for the very first time, please welcome…


EROTIC HAIKU (#167) See all here.

A crouching Tigress

Finds hidden dragon alley

Breathes viscous white pearls


A Submissive’s Psalm

We welcome another new, exciting writer to the Library next. She describes herself as curvy, dirty, bi and a true switch who cooks, drinks wine and fantasizes about beautiful women doing sadistic things to her.

Her curves and her ginger locks are divine. Go see for yourself!

Making her debut atop the Library dais, please welcome…



Hurt me;
make me gasp
clench those sheets
beg you to stop.

Make my thighs
as I try
to hold them
without restraints
to keep them spread.

Make my voice
as I beg
for you to stop
to… “no… please, no
while I say anything
but the safe word.

I know
I need
the hurt
the punishment
the shame

so I can feel


Our next writer is a promising newcomer who recently rebooted her tumblr. As she says, she’s “starting over, turning fists into flowers.”

Stepping onto the dais to make her Library debut, please welcome…



My fingers trace her lines
She is a picture I have drawn
A thousand thousand times
Each sketch, a lesson in love

Azuki Lynn


She calls herself an “evil, warped bitchmaster.”

I’ll let you in on a little secret.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

She is one of the Library’s original benefactors and most frequent contributors. And she is truly a treat for the mind, eyes and ears.

Returning to the Library dais, please welcome back…


And after awhile
The memories begin
To slowly fade away
The feelings subside
And the vision is blurred.
The mind,
No longer concise
The body
Void of colour and lines.
There is only 
A vague recollection
Of what had been
Of what could have been
And a growing ache
For what was
Of what should have been
Just once more
To bring back 

(Source: bembele2)

Fables, Storybook Love
Welcome to this week’s chapter of Erotic Storybook Saturday. You, the followers, readers, supporters of and contributors to the Library never cease to amaze me. After last week’s impromptu D/s theme, already this week we have several poets prepared to step onto the dais. Submissions are not limited to poems however. If you would like to contribute your words, your voice, your image, your thoughts or more, please see the Library Rules and then drop your submission in the Library Submit or Library Ask boxes.
Thank you for visiting our Library. Please enjoy your stay.

Reading love stories in bed. #totallyaddictedtothisseries #fables #wolfamongus

Fables, Storybook Love

Welcome to this week’s chapter of Erotic Storybook Saturday. You, the followers, readers, supporters of and contributors to the Library never cease to amaze me. After last week’s impromptu D/s theme, already this week we have several poets prepared to step onto the dais. Submissions are not limited to poems however. If you would like to contribute your words, your voice, your image, your thoughts or more, please see the Library Rules and then drop your submission in the Library Submit or Library Ask boxes.

Thank you for visiting our Library. Please enjoy your stay.


Reading love stories in bed. #totallyaddictedtothisseries #fables #wolfamongus

(Source: heyitsapril)

The Indescribable Thrill

Watching my beautiful Miss capitulate so deliciously.”


 I love it!

Returning to the Library dais after a prolonged absence with his newest wanton work, please welcome back the filthy English gentleman…


No fuck for naughty, prettiful today.

I know Miss has been horny, melting to be teased all day, clit hard & throbbing for my lips, my tongue, my touch.

Sticky little bitch silently begging to be fingered, to be fucked.

But I have different plans for you this evening.

Brand new leather binds with gleaming silver buckles to bind you to the headboard, in exactly the position I want you.

Cat-o-nine-tails ready to see how sensitive you naughty cunt is to pleasure, to pain.

Each soft strike the touch you desire, with a gentle sting that challenges, each push confounding you you into places where you’re lost as to which is which,

Deviant sensations making you ache all the more.

Fearing, yet lusting after the addictive nexthit.

I’m confident, given the right amount of time, that I can make you cum, little one.

I harden waiting for the single strike that sends you screaming into climax.

A song that soars with each gentle snap thereafter. watching you bite your lip,  catch your breath in the split-second before each new contact.

The adrenaline rush, shiver, shake, ouch, NO PLEASE MORE fighting through your conciousness to seize one true definitive.

Yet I control the mood.

And continue to roll the dice.

Watching my beautiful Miss capitulate so deliciously.

In the aftermath of the orgasm, offer the very softest angel kisses over your blushing sex.

Not to fuck.

To watch as you react to the way you’ve been played with.

To deal with the minutia of so many sensations piling on at once.

At work tomorrow I want you to try and ascertain a singular thought of certainty throughout the day.

Else try so unsuccessfully to.

Finding your underwear honey stricken.

Wanting those blissful, blurred moments all over again.

Yet scared of it.

Such is the dichotomy.

The indescribable thrill.

Wandering what it would be like to feel my cock inside you afterwards.

Lip biting to halt the tell-tale of fevered breathing. 

Wanton and grasping for a flash-forward at just what the orgasm might be like thereafter.






I have plans for you, pretty Miss. 

And the fun by no means stops here ;)

(Source: void-dance)


Our next writer describes himself as “a dirty romantic” “exploring a mix of dominant romance and harsh lust.” If you’d like to read more of his work, be sure to check out his other tumblr as well.

Making his long overdue return to the Library dais, please welcome back…


Tied. Face down. Blindfold.

Spread wide. Bound. Held in place.

Exposed. Vulnerable.

The knowledge that for this moment you are there as mine. To use as and when I chose.

You wait. It is all you can do.

Sounds are your only comfort. The rapid dull thump of your pulse in your ear. Each draw of breath seeming to resonate loud out into the room.

You are aware of other movements around the room.

Sound of wine being poured. A page being turned.

Other sounds harder to discern. Your mind racing as to what they portend.

Perhaps a soft hand caressing you, fingers coming away soaked and scented.

Perhaps a sharp crack of a palm against your skin, the delicious bite chasing your pulse ever quicker.

Perhaps nothing except more waiting, more longing.

Until that first touch, you are left just with spiralling thoughts.

Am I watching. Am I touching myself. Am I reading a book and paying you no attention.

And then the first touch. Harsh fingers. Pulling you open.

A rough thrust then. Deep. Hard. Fast. And again. And again. A violent moment. A storm of sensations which hurtles down upon you.

And then just as suddenly there is nothing. The room is silent.

And you are left with nothing except that sting of being taken.

The sensation is a burning, shameful reminder you are there to be used. And with that a moment of conflict rises.

A mote of panic forms. You breathe. You let it go.

The decision, for now, is not yours. You have no responsibility in this moment.

And with that thought, the calmness returns.

To your body. To your mind.

Matching the room around you.

Only the steady drip and throb between your thighs belies the calm.

And so you wait for the next touch.

It is all you can do. Wait.

Patient. Thankful. Needy.

Toy Shopping

I am more familiar with this next writer as an established and respected professional photographer. He is also a rigger who learned the ropes from Brent Scott, more well known as “PD” of insex.comhardtied.com and infernalrestraints.com fame. It was a wonderful surprise to see that he also writes erotica as well!

Stepping onto the dais to make his Library debut, please welcome JC, also known as…



The store was brightly lit and that did nothing to hide the dirt. The smells of the video booths wafted to the front assaulting your nostrils immediately as the heavy glass doors swung open. Toys of all kinds hanging on the walls to the right and rows of videos on cheap displays on the left as I walked in. She was dressed in ordinary shoes with her hair pulled up showing the pale skin of her face over the bright red of her rain coat. The clerk was darker skinned with a bushy mustache and black eyes that looked us both over before locking onto her. At the back of the store old school saloon type swinging doors opened to the section with 25 cent videos advertised. As we reached the counter and past the rows of videos more toys engulfed us. Despite the particular naughty thrill of perusing “adult” stores can be we were not there to take in all the store had to offer. We had a purpose. We were searching for something slightly uncomfortable. She had forgotten a rule. She had asked me to discipline her. We were finding a proper tool. I made her drop her hands to her sides away from her coat. I had forbidden her to button it or even to tie the sash when we exited the car. She paused for a moment her eyes going from mine to the beady black ones of the clerk that were locked on her as we stood in front of an array of anal plugs and thick dildos. She begged with her eyes for a second and I spoke just loudly enough for the clerk to hear.


She let go and the coat fell open slightly revealing her shaved cunt underneath her waist cincher. Friction kept the upper half of the coat closed just enough that her breasts were not completely revealed. Turned as she was with me between her and the hungry looking clerk there was really nothing to see but the flush filled her skin as though she were standing naked in time square.

"Pick one"

Same even tone as before. I was not angry. The rules were a means to an end. A way for us to find new ways to explore our little games.

"Nothing that will hurt you but I do want to see you squirm"

Even if the smile was not on my face you could hear it in the syllables of my words as my amusement gave way to my attempts at sternness. She spent a minute looking over the choices knowing that if she picked too small I would be displeased but also possessing the keen knowledge that if she picked too big she would have trouble taking it inside her soon to be amplified asshole. Her eyes moved to a fat short plug that she hoped thick enough to please me.

"Very good."

My words were a pat on the head - a rub of her belly. She almost let out a purr even as her sphincter began to clench without her control. Truth was she could have picked something smaller but i was very pleased by her attempt to impress me.

"Take it to the counter"

She looked at me again longing for me to end his torment but she knew that I loved to see her squirm a bit in public. She moved toward the desk with her coat swaying back and forth covering and uncovering her naked flesh above and below the tight black cincher. She placed the toy on the counter and looked up at the man sitting behind the counter almost drooling over her naked flesh. I moved behind her, my hands putting my card next to the toy and wrapping around her ending the show for the clerk. We waited as he processed the order wondering how he could process the card with his eyes on her. We watched as he began to put the new toy in a bag before I waved him off saying we wouldn’t need the bag or the packaging for the plug.The clerks eyes filled with something that approached joy as he realized what was going to happen. Her stomach and asshole began to clench as a new wave of flush covered her body in pink.

"Take the toy."

She picked it up and handed it to my outstretched hand. I placed it at her full pouting lips and spoke with my “command voice” letting her know that now would not be a good time to question me

"Get it wet."

We were still standing in front of the clerk and I was thrilled as his hand moved off the counter to the front of his dirty khakis. She opened wide and the truth was that while the plug was short it was fatter than my cock at it’s thickest point so her mouth was almost stretched beyond it’s limit as well. I moved my hands into the rain coat over her breasts tweaking nipples to full hardness before moving over the boned cincher and toward her bared hairless cunt. A finger dipped into her slowly after dancing over her clit.

"Slut. Seems a little humiliation pushes at least one button."

Her mouth full and my fingers exploring her cunt i led her back toward the 25 cent video saloon. I turned us around to use my back and hips to open the doors and to give the store clerk a last look at my slut with the fat plug stretching her mouth. I pushed her face against the wall with one hand while using the other to wrap around her waist and keep her ass against my hard cock forcing her back into an arch. The tails of the coat moved aside and her ass was bared to my view as I began to move the wetness from her cunt to her pulsing asshole. I worked slowly coating it with her own juices before moving quickly to my mouth to add some spit to the concoction. My finger moved in slow circles around the ring of her back door. I bit her ear gently and then whispered for her to relax and push against me. She did as commanded and took a deep breath and murmured a sound I couldn’t quite make out. On the exhale she pushed against my hand and took my index finger in her asshole. I knew she needed more stretching to take the plug so i quickly plunged a second finger into her asshole which she promptly began to hump against. My other hand was just above her clit rubbing her pussy. She was moaning loudly enough now to overcome the sounds on either side of us.

"are you ready?"

She nodded and I took the plug from her mouth thoroughly enjoying the sight of her spit sliding off of it. I ran it over her lips one more time before running it between her firm ass cheeks. The plug was thick and I knew it was going to hurt. I placed the tip against her anus and allowed her a moment to breath before pushing it forward. This was a disciplinary toy so I didn’t go as slow as i might if my main purpose was her pleasure. I pushed it about half way before pulling it back out and then slowly fucking her with it in and out about half way never pushing it all the way but slowly forcing her asshole to stretch to accommodate her chosen punishment. She breathed hard and my fingers went into overtime on her cunt making sure to at least balance the pain with a little bit of pleasure. She wasn’t hyperventilating instead she took long breaths that caused her tits to rise and fall. Her eyes burned with a mix of pleasure, embarrassment, anger and concentration all mixed together. A knock on the door broke her concentration for a moment and she blurted

"just a second"

She said it with the voice of someone interrupted while using the toilet.

"Are you ready for the rest slut?"

"Yes Sir"

"Then ask for it"

She was quivering now - her legs shaking involuntarily. She was scared of the plug but that was outweighed by the impulses running from her clit to her brain.

"Put it in my Sir!"

The sounds of moaning coming from the other booths were broken by the sound of her pleasure and pleading.

"please push it inside me sir - I’m sorry"


"Please put that fat plug in my ass Sir!"

She let the words escape in a gasp. My response was immediate and the entire plug slid into her before allowing the smallest part to be encircled by her tight sphincter muscle as the base nestled against her cheeks. Her breathing increased to a shallow panting as she adjusted to the size of the plug.

"what do you say slut?"

I waited for about five seconds before landing my hand hard on her right ass cheek driving her face against the wall and echoing throughout the small chamber overcoming the sound of fake orgasms that filled the rooms around them. I knew that there were other men in the other rooms and without waiting landed another blow on the other cheek. She bit her lip in order to keep from shoouting but the sounds around us were declining in concert in order to hear the show going on in our stall.


My words were each punctuated with a hard slap.

"thank you sir…thank you for my new toy…thank you for punishing me"

Her voice was quiet but strong. I caressed the bright red hand prints on her cheeks with my nails making her quiver again. My left hand continued to work over her pussy and as i bit her ear i knew that she was close to her climax. I wanted her to have it and took my spanking hand and put it around her throat before turning her face enough to bite her lower lip and then kiss her. She wiggled and squirmed and i could hear her breathing change as the orgasm started to take over.

"May i cum Sir!"

Before I could answer she had started and it was a glorious symphony of guttural sounds and whimpers mixed with pleases and Sirs. She was a puddle.

"Nasty slut - coming without permission. You never learn do you? Now get on your knees and get the cum from my balls. don’t swallow it. I want you to keep it in your mouth. understand?"

My voice was that of a teacher carefully explaining a homework assignment to a rowdy bunch of eighth graders. Anger played no part in my play with her. I loved her to much to get angry but that didn’t mean I wasn’t going to stripe her ass with my cane before fucking her on our bed hours later.

"yes sir"

She moved to her knees quivering in post orgasmic bliss. Under normal circumstances she would have never willingly went to her knees in the filth but she was fueled by need to please. My cock was rock hard as her fingers struggled to free me. I slapped her cheeks with it once she got it out taking the back of her head and fucking her mouth with it struggling toward my own impending explosion. Her hands were on my balls and one of her nails glanced over my sensitive asshole. The explosion was instantaneous. I groaned loudly as I filled her mouth. She was a good pet keeping it in her mouth as ordered. One of her hands went to the shaft and milked it getting every last drop. I stood slowly pushing into her mouth for a moment before pulling out and wiping it off on her cheek. Her make up was streaked and she was a sexy hot mess as I hauled her to her feet and moved back into the store. There were a few new customers in the store and all eyes were on us. I suspected it was everyone that had been in the booths earlier waiting to see what there was to see. I was not going to disappoint. Before we got to the exit I turned and made sure her coat was wide open. I moved us into a bow and told her to say good night. A sound resembling good night escaped her lips with my cum as it moved out of her lips over her chin and then onto her tits….we exited the store to the sound of clapping…

Heading North

Leading off this week we have a very promising newcomer to the Library. Last month she contacted the Library with her interest in submitting a story for reader feedback. We were all too happy to encourage her and we are elated with the fantastic fantasy she has shared below! If you are so inclined, drop your notes/comments/feedback in her Ask box. By all means be honest, but please be respectful too.

Now without further ado, taking the spotlight on the dais for her Library debut, please welcome…


Hello Erotic Storybook Friends!

I also included a short ‘Note from the author’ at the end. I didn’t put it up front because I don’t want to ruin the end for folks who make it that far, but I have some specific questions/interests in the way this story develops and I would love to share them with your readers.

You guys are great. Thanks again so much for considering my work. Here’s the story. It’s called ‘Heading North’.

- tiny babe lost



Nine o’clock on a Tuesday and I’m in bed reading. I feel you in the doorway before I see you. I look up to say hello and the words die in my mouth as our eyes meet. Intimidating is a word most people would use to describe my half of our couple. You’re the affable one that everybody loves. You’re the perfect boyfriend. A saint. A Boy Scout.  But not tonight. Tonight something powerful is radiating off your lithe body in waves. The small room crackles to life as you step into it.

You move the few steps from the doorway over to the bed and sit at the the end with your back to me, feet firmly on the floor, knees bent and spread casually. You snap your fingers and point to a spot directly in front of you. “Come stand right here” you say quietly without turning to look at me. 
When I don’t move immediately you add “I don’t think you want me to have to ask again”. A flight of butterflies bloom in my stomach.

I remind myself that I asked for this. My interest in submission led me to Tumblr and there I found all sorts of advice on how to talk to your partner about these impulses. 

I remember that when I finally got the courage to bring it up, you seemed surprised, but not unpleasantly so. We had been doing some good, old-fashioned making out on the couch. I explained my fantasy about you taking control. (And by ‘explained’ I mean stammered, blushed and blurted my way through a string of incomplete sentences. Did I mention I have an advanced degree from an Ivy League institution?)

"I’ve freaked you out," I squeaked. "You’re horrified".

"Um, no. I -".

"Yes, you are! Look at you! You can’t believe you’re in love with such a deviant pervert!" I was panicking. That’s what it sounds like when I panic.  I was bright red and talking very very fast.

"Hey, I don’t think you’re a pervert," you said, touching my face. "You’re smarter than most of the people I know put together. I trust you. I mean, my girlfriend just told me she wants to use her body to please me endlessly. I wouldn’t say that’s a bad night. Just … give me a second."

"OK," I said, trying not to look at you, but having a hard time not overanalyzing every second of silence that passed. The last sounds of summer were floating in from the street through the open window. I am many things, but patient is not one of them.

"SAY SOMETHING!" I shouted suddenly.

"Shouldn’t you say please?" you teased with a genuine smile. I smiled back. "I mean, seriously," you said with feigned exasperation. "You don’t seem very good at this so far." 

My eyes narrowed. “Now might be a good time to try out your safe word, buddy,” I shot back scowling. We both promptly erupted into laughter.

"Do you have one," you asked hesitantly. "A safe word, I mean?"

I blushed and gave a small nod. I took your wrist and turned your forearm up. Using my finger, I traced a word onto your skin: n-o-r-t-h. North. I kept my eyes on your arm where my word rested. 

You reached up and tugged gently on one of my curls. “Wow,” you said quietly. “My heroine is just full of surprises.”

You asked a lot of questions including how sure I was that I wanted this. You kept me very close physically even though I kept trying to fold in on myself and scoot away. You were patient and gently teasing as you coaxed my answers from me. You said you needed some time to think about it and do some research. I kissed you gently, thanked you and went to get you a beer. That was 3 weeks ago.

So, fast forward to Tuesday and here is the firm hand I have asked for. I take a deep breath. I quietly close the book, lay it on the nightstand and turn off my lamp. I slip my legs from beneath the blankets to the floor and pad over to stand in front of you, my eyes firmly on my bare feet and pink toenails. The black panties I was wearing at dinner are hidden just barely beneath the hem of the t-shirt I wear to bed. Your eyes move slowly up my body and I can’t help but fidget.

"Be still," you say.

My body comes to rest immediately. My eyes are cast to the floor, but I know if I was to look up we would be almost eye level. I’m so small compared to you, but with you sitting down we’re almost the same height. It’s precisely why we have a bed so low to the ground.

"Show me your panties," you say and I lift the hem of my t-shirt to show you the black lace. "Good. Now hands behind your back." I do as I’m told. Your right hand rises up and cups my left breast through the thin material of my well-worn t-shirt. It’s barely a caress. You know exactly what I like. You use the soft fabric to slide over my skin gently while you lift and support the weight of my full breast. You lean in and I can see the firm set of your jaw and mouth. Thoughtful. "It’s my fault," you say in almost a whisper. "I’ve been far too lenient with you."

My breath catches as you move the pads of your fingers over my nipple and begin to slide the material across the sensitive peak in small circles. ”But, speaking like such a wanton little slut in public like you did earlier tonight at the restaurant cannot go unpunished…”

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