So, I’m trying to put a lot of my regular content in between Suit Week pictures to try and keep those who aren’t as enthused with Suit Week happy and horny.  Hopefully this will do the trick!  It’s been a long time since I posted audio of me.. umm… you know.  ;) Oh, and you’ll have to forgive me for being on the quiet side.  It was fairly early when I made this.

This one is sandwiched between parts of a story I published yesterday.  I hope you enjoy it.  It’s an early submission for Storybook Saturday, but I’ll have some houseguests the next few days.  I’m not sure how much of my writing will get published, but I PROMISE not to let my Suit Week responsibilities slide!

Ms. Cupcakes helps ring in 2011 with a bang and more ;)


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Since I was a bad girl and did a disappearing act on you guys, I punished myself for your enjoyment. What a way to start the new year…a spanking with a spatula.

No I did not masturbate this time only a spanking. Red ass pic to follow.

MyDarkDirtySecret makes penance  ;)

Please encourage her to add making more recordings to her list of resolutions for 2011.

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I had promised this reading to Erotic Storybook Saturday for quite some time now. I felt extremely bad that I kept our gracious host waiting so long. 

I recorded it earlier this week to make sure I would have it ready for this Saturday. I posted this story entitled ‘His Two Girls’ in late October, and it is still one of my alltime favorites.

The original post can be found here if you would like to take a peek at the image that inspired my words. So sit back, relax, and I hope you enjoy the tale of a man, his piano, and his faithful submissive.

Who better to begin a new chapter than the sensuous MyDarkDirtySecret?

This is so good!

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OK - Before I change my mind and chicken out… here is a submission
for Storybook Saturday.

This was the first story that I wrote so it seemed appropriate to make
it the first recording. I’m a little nervous about this as I prefer to
be anonymous in general and don’t like the sound of my own voice. I
believe that my writing has improved since I wrote this story so
hopefully my recordings will improve with time - assuming I get a
positive response and record more.

Be gentle, it’s my first time …

Greetings all! Please welcome newcomer 69thoughts reading his very own “A Traveller’s Tale.” If you like explicit, hardcore erotica read eloquently with an english accent (and who doesn’t?), then this is for you. Please send 69thoughts some love to encourage him to submit more readings :)



Here’s a remastered recording of my story “Surrender” with a special guest appearance by My Dark Dirty Secret around the 19-minute mark!

(You can click here if you have difficulty with the audio:

What a wonderful treat! Two terrific Tumblrs together! SimplyDylan reads us his original work with a cameo appearance by none other than MyDarkDirtySecret!


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Storybook Saturday!

I promised I would. :)

Today, I read a story (with permission) by Cupcakes and Cum.. Nummy Nummy.

Enjoy :)

Also, Don’t forget when I reach 1k followers I want to give you guys a special treat :)

What a devastating combination! CupcakesandCum’s words and KinkyCasey’s voice! Tumblr doesn’t get any better than this!