To Daddy.

Oh my…

Sunshine tells me this is a PG-13 sample of some of her work. I’m not sure I can handle NC-17 or higher.

She’s just getting started with her blog, but she’s a wonderful writer. I hope you’ll all encourage her to post more often.


Part 2 of 3, You can find part 1 here. Part 3 coming next week. I could have fit it all into this one but what can I say? I’m a tease. ;)

Yes. Vixen is definitely a tease - the best kind of tease.

The ladies are bringing the heat this week!

Gentlemen, who will represent?

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Sleeping Beauty (NOT FOR CHILDREN!!). For those girls who want to be a princess ravished by a prince. <3

(p.s. sorry for the lack of production. I am definitely not an audio techie ;) )

Sorry for the delay in reblogging this. It… ahem… took me a bit of time to recover after listening to Casey’s lovely voice read this passage from Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty trilogy.


Part 3 of 3 for Erotic Storybook Saturday. (shh its still Saturday somewhere). You can find part 1 and 2 here.

Approx. 3.5 min long

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story of a girl Masturbating for Daddy

Written by me.

Oh my…

For once, I am on time with my submission. *insert cheeky grin here*

I thought a short, but seemingly well liked, caption from this past week would perfect this week. You can see the caption and image that accompanies it here. I will likely start another multi-installment story next week.



Take pleasure in listening to Annie Player’s dark erotic poem, Wanting, fresh from her ebook, Living Libido Loco… -x-

Special thanks to AlokiAngel for introducing this talented and tantalizing newcomer, Annie Player, to the Storybook. The artwork is by her as well!. Annie doesn’t have a Tumblr, but you can follow her on Twitter (@annieplayer).



A reading from an earlier post, which can be found here.

Please welcome another newcomer to the Storybook! Allow me to introduce you all to SouthernBJ. She has a lovely voice and this original work is a simply scandalous piece! Please be sure to show her your love and appreciation so she’ll come back again soon =)



Tell Me

Red Writing/Red Dreaming is one of my favorite erotic writers/poets in the Tumblrverse. He was kind enough to allow me to read his poem for Erotic Storybook Saturday.

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